Entrevista Juan Herreros_Global Practice

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 13 sept 2018, 8:30 por Míriam González Fernández   [ actualizado el 13 sept 2018, 8:30 ]
Reflexión sobre la profesión del arquitectos en nuestros días, de la mano de Juan Herreros de estudioHerreros

"The process of design of big projects has become incredibly complex and evolves a huge number of people. In this context, the role of the architect - who is not always at the top of the pyramid- and the concept of collaboration need to be revisited". Juan Herreros. 

"Every project we have abroad is based on our collaboration with a local team. It's the conversation with these people that give us clues to understand the reality and everyday life of the places where we work and allows us to re-describe them through design". JH.